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Stars On Ice Review - Fort Wayne, IN - Feb. 10, 2000

written by Amy

I loved how Kurt was the first person to come out -- and is skate guards!! Too cute, I was loving it already!! When they announced the skaters at the beginning, Kurt and Katia (especially Katia) got huge applause. The place just errupted! Lu Chen, really didn't get a whole lot--like people didn't know who she was or anything I thought. Of course Scott got bout the loudest, Kristi and Tara also got lots.

Right away it wasn't looking to be an "on" night -- in the opening number, when all 3 pairs kinda do their lifts across the ice, the light had just left them and the girls were being put down, when Rene and Gorsha slipped backwards and crashed on the ice!! Kinda scary.

I thought "Swingtown" with Bechke and Petrov so cool! I was really surprised cause I really don't remember hearing about it on here....great dance number--they looked like they were having a lot of fun. The only thing was it was too short!

Kurt's voice during Rag-Gidon was really cute. You could hear him yelp and sing and everything. Very very cute. Classic Kurt number. Kurt came out with the flashlight--skated around being the ham (loved it so much!!!) What really cracked me up was that almost right in front of me, while he still had the flashlight, he took some lady's purse and started to skate away with it!!! His clown had the whole audience the whole night!! I agree with everyone that this is so so muh better in person, when you can see all the little nuances up close!! Like Tammy said, he did touch a hand down on the second 3-toe in the triple-triple combo, but otherwise, the jumps were flawless I think.

I don't have the 'Tano Lutz written down, so Katia must have had to cut it in her ribbon number cause she did drop the ribbon once in front of me. It was when she tossed it behind her back the first time she tossed it, i noticed the second time, she was really careful to catch it, and she did! Another number that's a must see in person!

Illia seemed to be having the most trouble with jumps, he went to a knee on his opening 3-axel. Popped a couple of jumps too I thought. I liked "Blues" though. Good coreography. Jenni Meno and Todd Sand were great -- gorgeous throw 2-axel. The music really fits them great. My friend gasped everytime they did their famous lift with the swoop exit--2nd time, it scared me!

Tara was very good jumpwise tonight. She hit everything. I loved the boot covers on Gorsha and Dennis when they carried Tara out before "Genie In A Bottle". I have to make a note about the 2 girls behind us. They were obviously there to see Tara. My friend and I were cracking up the whole time cause of what they were saying and there was always and "I love you Tara" screamed when she came on or was done with her program. The lady in front of us was a big Kurt fan --- she was quite amusing too!! I can imagine what everyone around us was saying about me!!! My friend was laughing as I was talking to myself whenever someone jumped.

You Can Call Me Al--- I have 2 things written down for this-- number one is that Scott's scratch spins are so fast!!! I was like "yeah, lets go scott!! show 'em how to do it!" Also, I love the Scott is doing the delayed axel again...its my fav. jump of his. Like was mentioned, Scott got the first (abeit partial) standing O of the evening.

Kurt and Steven are perfect together in "Me and Julio". They are so funny--choreography wondrful. I loved their spins together. S-B-S 3-toes too!

Cecelia- Katia really turned on the charm to Scott--she shone in this number. Scott's impromptu dance moves are great.

Sound of Silence- I loved their black costumes. It fit really well. My friend kept saying how sad it was that after each of these numbers, Scott always wound up being alone again.

Kristi is so wonderful to watch in person. Her spins are gorgeous and her overall skating and arm positions are awesome. "Bride Over Troubled Water" was beautiful.

2nd PART:

Kurt's dancing with no skates on after the whole couch thing was I think the funniest thing of the night!! He's got so much dance-ability (word?)--astounding!!! I was nearly crying cause I was laughing so hard! I didn't like the whole dance thing with Tara and all the other guys (cept Scott). Especially since Gorsha and Dennis are so much older than her.

Steven's number to Prince was cute--he is also a great dancer. I could see him taking over for Kurt in many (hopefully many) many years. He did fall on a loop ( i think). But it was kinda like slo-mo. He just sat down and stood up...like that's what was supposed to happen.

I noticed while Kristi was on the couch and Lulu was dancing that she got up once and picked something off of the ice right in front of her, tossed it on the couch and continued watching Lulu...a feather maybe??

When Kurt came out on the scooter before his and Tara's number, it was priceless--then juggling the nose (he juggled his red nose pretending like he was juggling lots of balls), then "double speed"!!! He had the crowd rolling in the aisles when he pretended to be a speed skater --- except that he never moved!!! Even my mom was laughing out loud --which didn't happen often last night!!

Kurt was acting like such a kid that the whole Tara number with him was kinda playful/cute. Still it was a little bothersome. He did fall on the S-B-S 3-toes, but kinda rubbed his backside, and did a cute little run thing with a look of "wait for me!"after Tara.

Czardas-- i thougth should have gotten a standing O, but no one else was and i was a little nervous about standing up, so i clapped super loud. They had a couple different lifts than when I saw this program on t.v....really cool. My friend again was gasping everytime Elena would fly over Dennis' back or something. ;) Great number.

Si Tu No Estas/Casi Un Bolero: One word-- GORGEOUS!!!! Probably one of the biggest highlights of the night. I was kinda dissapointed that they didn't get more applause --- but i was so dissapointed that Katia didn't do the 2-axel with Illia....still loved every minute of it!!

Play that funky music: Kurt is at his best when he can dance!!! The lady in front of us (different one) kept dancing to everything...pretty funny. Kurt looked like he doubled a couple..hmmm?? Still awesome following Katia and Illia.

Smooth: I love this program...i think that its good for Kristi...she looked like she was having fun, and of course hit all her jumps.

Illia doubled a couple more jumps on the baseball number i think, kinda neat number, didn't see Katia watching him though.

Scott got a huge standing O after his ballet spoof. Funny---rope swing was great---he really flew!!

Kurt pulled out mickey mouse ears before WWW...can you tell i loved him??? Kurt and Katia's lift was cute, and i saw him kiss tara's hand once...kinda nice..